Craig Kerstiens of Heroku

I got on Skype with Craig Kerstiens, who I met at Heavybit's DevGuild event back in February.

We talk about evangelism at scale, how to setup a program, organizational design, the history of evangelism and a lot more. I kinda dragged the convo off course we nerded out on certain things I've been studying, I hope you find it entertaining.

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Andrew Mager, developer advocate at SmartThings

I got on Skype with Andrew Mager, formerly of Spotify and currently developer advocate at SmartThings.

We talk about the route to evangelism, living in different cities, ambassador programs, and what exactly is the difference between an advocate, evangelist, and dev relations.

He has good taste in music and books - you should follow him on Twitter.

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Jon Gottfried, founder of MLH and formerly Evangelist at Twilio

I got on Skype with Jon Gottfried, founder of MLH and previously Twilio Evangelist.

He has a unique background, as a history major and then evangelist at Twilio, then founder of one of the fastest growing hackathon organizations in the world.

We talk about HackCon and what it takes to be an evangelist, beyond just code and social skills. Listen in.

If you haven't already, you should watch his Youtube video about the history of hackathons -

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Rob Spectre, head of evangelism at Twilio

I got on Skype with Rob Spectre, master of Carnivals and head of Evangelism at Twilio.  He's spoken multiple times at HackCon, which is how I know him.

We talk about hackathons, how Twilio inspires and equips developers to change the world, Signal conf, and other great evangelists. It's an amazing episode with one of the OGs of evangelism. Listen and learn!

BTW - That pic is of him emcee'ing Twilio's $bash party at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  That party was an unforgettable experience, but in true evangelism form I was so drunk I can't remember all of it.

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Katherine Hague, founder of Shoplocket, currently at PCH International

I got on Skype with Katherine Hague, founder of Shoplocker (acquired by PCH international). It was a great interview where we talk about content marketing, organizing events, travel, and more.

She talks at length about a site called The Blueprint, which is a mobile responsive interview series with founders of Hardware Companies.  You should definitely do something similar in any business that you start.

You can find her on Twitter and PCH has an event coming to a city near you.

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Rought Cut - chat with 3 sponsors of MakeHacks

The audio quality on this one is really dicey.

I chat with Evan from Teespring, Eric from Scalable Press, and Trent from MindbodyOnline.  They are sponsors of MakeHacks, which is a shipathon, a hackathon for shipping your zombie projects you've been meaning to get around to. 

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Dev Evangelism Panel from GeneralAssembly NYC - Cassidy Williams, Jon Gottfried, Randall Hunt

This is a live in person interview.  Very much 'inside baseball' about developer evangelism.  Please excuse the delay in publishing - it was in an editing logjam since Feb 2015.  We recorded it immediately after HackCon II, a hackathon organizer conference.

Jon Gottfried is a Twilio evangelist turned Major League Hacking cofounder, Cassidy works at Venmo, and Randall heads up AWS's evangelism efforts.

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Shownotes... someday!

DevGuild recap - our trip to talk about evangelism at HeavyBit in SF

We recorded an audio recap of John's trip to DevGuild. DevGuild is the only event I know of focused solely on Developer Evangelism. 

In this 24 min audio segment we bring you a review of the event, describing what it was like to be an attendee.    I also get on my soapbox and answer producer Dan's questions about issues like these: 

  1. The power of small focused events
  2. How DevGuild organized icebreakers and unconference style breakouts
  3. Why should we care about developer tools?
  4. Have we hit 'peak hackathon' yet? 
  5. Is it possible to measure the results of an evangelism program?

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More details: 

About 150 people attended, and I caught up with former guests like Tim Falls, Matt Haines, Neil Mansilla, and Ossama Alami at the reception.  I new people, including Craig Kerstiens of Heroku (his interview will be posted soon)! 

DevGuild was thrown by HeavyBit, which is a vertical focused investment fund for developer tools startups. HeavyBit first attracted my attention last year when I saw their video library, which features a lot of great talks by developer evangelists.  You should check that out right after listening to this episode.

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the show, and drop off any other questions I may not have covered :)

Nick Quinlan is a SendGrid veteran and now commissioner of Major League Hacking

I got on Skype with Nick for SH's longest interview ever.  

This is a must listen if you are just setting up an evangelism program or want insight into how SendGrid did it.  There is so much to talk about - his background at SendGrid, perspective on how to measure evangelism, insights into the hacker community, and how he got involved in MLH, and musings on HackCon.

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Shownotes coming soon!

Karan Goel threw DubHacks in the Pacific Northwest

I got on Skype with Karan, who is one of the organizers of DubHacks.  So far they are the largest event in the Pacific Northwest (home of Amazon, MSFT, and many other tech co's).  They are affiliated with University of Washington.  

I met Karan after he spoke at HackCon about mini-events.  We have a good chat about his personal content initiatives and what they did differently with DubHacks.  You'll enjoy this episode. 

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