DevGuild recap - our trip to talk about evangelism at HeavyBit in SF

We recorded an audio recap of John's trip to DevGuild. DevGuild is the only event I know of focused solely on Developer Evangelism. 

In this 24 min audio segment we bring you a review of the event, describing what it was like to be an attendee.    I also get on my soapbox and answer producer Dan's questions about issues like these: 

  1. The power of small focused events
  2. How DevGuild organized icebreakers and unconference style breakouts
  3. Why should we care about developer tools?
  4. Have we hit 'peak hackathon' yet? 
  5. Is it possible to measure the results of an evangelism program?

Listen here on Soundcloud --> 

More details: 

About 150 people attended, and I caught up with former guests like Tim Falls, Matt Haines, Neil Mansilla, and Ossama Alami at the reception.  I new people, including Craig Kerstiens of Heroku (his interview will be posted soon)! 

DevGuild was thrown by HeavyBit, which is a vertical focused investment fund for developer tools startups. HeavyBit first attracted my attention last year when I saw their video library, which features a lot of great talks by developer evangelists.  You should check that out right after listening to this episode.

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the show, and drop off any other questions I may not have covered :)