What is the Future of Education? Zero to One co-author Blake Masters weighs in.

Today is a special episode, a mini-dive into the idea of the future and what education will look like in years to come. 

Regular listeners know that I ask each of my guests where they think the future of education is headed. It's an important and fascinating question which will affect us all.  I want to dive more deeply into that question, because I feel that hackathons have a place. 

I happened to meet the perfect guest while he was visiting Los Angeles and I invited him on the program.  Blake Masters is the co-author of a #1 NYT Best-seller Zero to One, which he wrote with Peter Thiel.  Blake got his start as an author by posting notes from Peter Thiel's class at Stanford called "Startup", CS 183. You may know Thiel as founder of Paypal and early investor in Facebook, Lyft, Stripe, Spotify, and Space-X.  

After getting to know Peter better, Blake now works with him in various ventures. Thiel and Masters run the Thiel Fellowship, a program that awards grants to 20 students under 20 years old to leave school and build an ambitious project of their choice instead.  And because of that, I'm very curious what he has to say about the future of education.

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