Executive Summary - HackCon 2015, a conference for collegiate hackathon organizers

Welcome, new listeners! 

This is a special edition of the show which will be useful for anyone who has an interest in sponsoring hackathons.   

Producer Daniel turns the tables and interviews me about my experience at HackCon, an exclusive event for hackathon organizers.  The result is an executive summary which focuses on the bits that matter for sponsors.  In the next 36 minutes, you can expect insights and takeaways from the most interesting talks & breakout sessions. 

I flew 3000 miles from California to Brooklyn and spent 2 days learning and networking to bring you this information.  

Thanks for listening, and if you have an interest in hackathons as a developer evangelism or recruiting channel, please email me at john@stacked.events or tweet me twitter.com/jnconkle to say hi :). 

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About HackCon:

HackCon is put on by Major League Hacking.  If you don't already know MLH, they are like the NCAA of college hackathons, they sanction hundreds of events in the USA, plus a few in Canada, Mexico, the UK, the EU, and Asia.  Attending HackCon were 230 organizers, 8 sponsors including Twilio and Thiel Capital, as well as the entire MLH team. 

Shownotes - Coming soon!
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MHacks isn't mad at all. Our trip to PennApps in Fall 2012 was the inspiration for MHacks.
Cool summary! FWIW, Nick, Dan, Ishaan and I were involved with organizing but have no direct MLH affiliation (I think some of us may be advisors)
@Alexey - we will correct that in a subsequent version of this show. Is there a complete list of the HackCon organizers somewhere so I can give everyone a mention?
Sick podcast! There were actually a few high schoolers, we had people from hackBCA, CHE Hacks, and myself from Falcon Hacks. I really learned a lot and this podcast does a great job of compiling the weekend into a short time.
@Rohan Thanks for pointing that out, we will issue corrections in the update! And thank you for listening
Always love your episodes, guys. Interested to see where the open data on hackathons goes.
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