Christian Jensen is a Developer Evangelist at Sinch

I got on Skype with Christian Jensen from Sinch.  I think you'll enjoy this episode if you a spinout from a bigger company or you're launching a product with the support/resources of a larger organization.

Christian is originally from Sweden and worked at Rebtel, which spun out Sinch as a communication platform with an SDK.  You may not be familiar with Rebtel, but their technology has existed for years in Stockholm as a powerful way for expats to call home to their country of origin.  Sinch is bi-national and has an office in San Francisco.

Christian's approach to dev evangelism is a bit different than normal given his background and goals for Sinch.  In case you are wondering how Sinch stacks up to Twilio, another popular communications platform, we had a good discussion of where their technology differs from Twilio.

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